This is an ancient village containing many artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine eras, and even some from over 3,000 years ago – from the first Temple (biblical) era!

There is an impressive underground system of winepresses at the site in which the temperature is a cool 18 degrees Celsius all year round, making them the perfect places to store wine and olive oil. During the Bar Kochba rebellion, the winepresses were connected to create a labyrinth of secret caves where the fighters would hide. Today, visitors can crawl through the underground caves using the ladders that have been set up at the site (bringing along flashlights is recommended!). At the beginning of the site is one of the oldest olive presses in the world, next to which you can catch a gorgeous panoramic view from the Mediterranean Sea Tower – a tower from which you can see all the way to the coast.

From Givat Hayekevim, you may continue on the marked path for a 20 minute hike among ancient olive trees to Talmon Spring, where there is a pool of spring water.