Danny Ayalon, former Ambassador to the US and former Deputy Foreign Minister visited Binyamin on Tuesday. Ayalon served as the President of Nefesh B'Nefesh and currently is leading "The Truth About Israel, a pro-Israel task force. Escorted by his wife Anne who is the president of Christian Friends of Israel, the couple met with the leadership of Neriah and Talmon at West Binyamin, experienced the magnitude of Ancient Shiloh and concluded with a meeting with Israel Ganz, Mayor of The Binyamin Regional Council at the new Binyamin Headcounters Building.

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While visiting Psagot Winery Ambassador Ayalon expressed his commitment to the future development of Binyamin – Northern Jerusalem Suburbs. Mayor Ganz presented to his guests the future plans of the region that are focused on creating an environment of excellence and   tranquility for Binyamin's 80,000 residents consequently enhancing the promising future of Jerusalem our eternal nation capital which we are proud to be its northern guardians. 

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