In the past few months we have developed a special virtual tour of Ancient Shiloh, one of the most special heritage sites in Israel.

The virtual tour includes a 3D platform combined with real time guidance of our best tour guides.

"It was great!


Here are some of the feedbacks received from groups who hace experiences the tour:


"Our students enjoyed the Shiloh tour as did the teachers!

Thank you so much for arranging this!

Cleveland, Ohaio.


"Thank you so much for offering this!

We really enjoyed the tours of Shiloh and Chevron. The guides were phenomenal and really brought these amazing places to life. Eliana exuded an incredible love f the land and I felt my spiritual cup was filed by touring with her yesterday.

Please let us know if you plan to offer any more programs."

Kushner School


"That was an amazing tour. I’m adding Shilo to my next visit to Israel."


"Wow what an amazing presentation"


For more information about virtual tours for Groups only, fill in your contact info in the bottom of the website.


Zoom Ancient shiloh