Single track mountain biking trails stretching for dozens of kilometers wind through the Shiloh Valley in east Binyamin and the Talmonim mountains in west Binyamin. Information about bicycle rentals and maps of the single track trails are available at the visitor centers.

Talmonim Bicycle Single Track

In the hilly, green landscape of west Binyamin, between vineyards and pine forests, extreme single track bicycle paths wind and bend for professional bikers. There are several recommended paths at different levels of difficulty.

Dlavim Forest Circular Route

A challenging path that passes through a pine forest, heads down toward Dlavim Stream and ends with a climb through the vineyards.

Talmonim Springs Circular Route

A gorgeous path, suitable for experienced bikers and offering a taste of the best of the region’s landscapes.

Aner Springs Circular Route

A short but beautiful path, suitable for experienced bikers only. We recommend combining it with the Talmonim Springs Circular Route or the Tal Springs Single Track, but you can also ride it on its own.

Tal Springs Single Track

An extremely fast single track that doesn’t end, exposing the northern landscape toward Kerem Reim and Nachliel. The single track path is suitable for skilled bikers.

Dolev Circular Route

A medium-length path that offers a glimpse of the most beautiful gems of the region. Suitable for experienced bikers.

Family Path

The path is suitable for families and includes magnificent lookout points facing westward.