Pninay HaHai (The Animal Jewel) Mini Zoo

Participate in activities with farm animals, including feeding, petting, milking and gardening. See and experience the process for producing wool - from the sheep to the sweater. Ask about our sheep shearing festival in June-July.

Pninay HaHai is located in Maaleh Levona

By advance arrangement - Mina Tel. 052-6070384

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Ayalon Valley Ranch

Ayalon Valley Ranch invites you for a wonderful Israeli experience.

Our Ranch, located in Mevo Horon at the heart of the lush green Ayalon Valley, offers you breathtaking landscapes and activities for the whole family. You can learn about the history of this region on a guided tour while riding on a camel or donkey and hike up the highest hill in the area, for a survey of the surrounding sites.

From the moment you enter the gates of the farm, you will be enchanted by the natural beauty all around you and the welcoming atmosphere of happy people and animals. The gurgling of the water in the stream that flows through the middle of the farm, the charm of the beauty of nature and the many shaded seating areas scattered around the farm make a visit here a pleasure for the entire family.

The farm has a lovely petting zoo with mother and baby goats, a large dear, bunny rabbits, guinea pigs and puppies. Children and their parents can spend hours enjoying the animals and will find it difficult to tear themselves away. There is also a special 3D room where you can have fun taking photographs, be creative in the arts-and-crafts corner or play other games that all children love. Whether you like outdoor games or brain teasers, Emek Ayalon Farm has something for everyone – tangram puzzles, archery, Indian blow tubes, paintball targets and more.

Our Mongolian-style yurt hospitality tent seats up to 180 guests and is the perfect venue for a unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration or other special family event. Your special event will have an amazing atmosphere from the surrounding natural beauty, and we will provide you with the perfect hosting experience – enjoy comfort in the heart of nature, and free entrance for your guests and their children to all the attractions on the farm. You can combine several activities to create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program for your guest of honor and his/her friends, with a focus on the transition from childhood to adulthood through fun and challenges. A Bar Mitzvah boy can even make a grand entrance riding on a camel, for a truly unforgettable experience.

Come celebrate with us – the friendly staff at Emek Ayalon Farm invite you have fun and enjoy yourselves and share your excitement at happy new beginnings.

See you there!

For further information:

Tel. 08-9470898, Email: [email protected]

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