Genesis Land

Genesis Land is situated in the heart of the Judean Desert on the way to the Dead Sea, in the land where the Patriarchs lived. This magical place enables visitors to experience life as it was in biblical times. Visitors to Genesis Land are greeted by Eliezer, Abraham's servant, with a train of camels. They will lead you down to Abraham's tent, where you will experience his legendary hospitality. Making your own fresh pita bread and shepherding are among the different workshops we offer, as well as meals and other activities.

At Genesis Land, the stories of the Bible come to life in the very landscape where they took place.

Reservations are necessary for both families and groups.

Our Address:

Genesis Land

Yishuv Alon 90618 

Tel. (972)2-997-4477

Fax. (972)2-997-4482

Email: [email protected]

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Inbalim Wayside Inn - Neve Erez

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Desert Camping Israel

Experience the tranquility of the desert and the starry skies in the southern Binyamin region. We offer organized campsites for pitching tents with eco-friendly restroom and shower facilities. You can also reserve meals.

 We are a young Israeli family: David, Neta and our young children.  We live  in  the magical  Judean Desert, which  has  inspired us  to  create  a  place  where  visitors  can experience traditional desert hospitality.

We are  fortunate  to be able  to share this amazing   experience  of  communing  with nature with our children and aim to provide a welcoming  and  comfortable place  where you   can   enjoy   the  Israeli  desert experience.

Desert Camping Israel - Between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea




Havaya BaMidbar

Havaya BaMidbar (Desert Experience) at Mitzpeh Jericho

A roadside khan (Bedouin style campsite) with meals in a spacious tent. Jeep tours and special workshops on the Holy Temple can be arranged.

Daniel - 052-2861255, [email protected]