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Sof HaDerech Cabin | Dolev

In the town of Dolev, adjacent to the gorgeously impressive Dolevim Reserve, we offer you a pastoral, pampering experience.
At Sof HaDerech, you’ll find a cabin for couples and a cabin for families.
Come enjoy the breathtaking landscape and the peace and quiet.

The Couples Cabin-
The cabin is large and spacious, with two levels.
The first floor includes a large living room, bathroom,
shower, pampering jacuzzi and fully equipped kitchen, including a microwave, refrigerator,
double burners, hot plate, Shabbat urn and electric kettle.
The second level includes a comfortable and airy bedroom.
There is a large cable TV, as well as air conditioning.

The Family Cabin-
The cabin has two levels and two bedrooms.
The master bedroom is indulging, with a shower, bathroom, air conditioner and a cable TV.
The children’s room is very spacious and is on the second floor, and is also equipped with a cable TV and air conditioner.
The kitchen in the cabin is fully equipped with a bar table, microwave, refrigerator, double sink, burners
hot plate, Shabbat urn and electric kettle.


For information and reservations:

Asher - 052-6841901

Anat - 052-6366623


To visit the Sof HaDerech Cabin website, click here