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Address Ofra

Phone 02-9975411

Fax 02-9975740

The Midrasha is located in the town of Ofra.
The Midrasha campus is composed of several building surrounded by grassy areas and sitting areas. It includes over 250 beds,
44 rustic rooms, 3 separate dining rooms, conference halls,
buildings for seminar groups and discussion rooms. Excellent meals, Mehadrin kashrut supervision.

Throughout the year, the Midrasha hosts Shabbat Chatan events,
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Brit Mila and family occasions.
Many families stay at the Midrasha during their summer vacation
and enjoy the many hiking trails, springs, sites and attractions that the region has to offer.

Near the Midrasha, there is a restaurant, cafe, pizzeria, swimming pool (in season, discounted rates for our guests).
The Midrasha includes a room that is handicapped accessible.
The Midrasha is also involved in educational programming for youth and adults.

The Midrasha offers a wide range of programs designated for various target audiences.
Activities take place either at the Midrasha, with the group staying on our campus, or in any other location in the country,
based on the customer’s request and needs.

We offer unique light and sound presentations for youth and adults,
which are a truly different experience and leave a meaningful impact on the audience. We also host seminars.

We offer programs suitable for yeshivas, high schools, and elementary schools.

Arrival: Take Highway 60, the highway connecting Jerusalem with the Samaria region (about 20 minutes from Jerusalem).
We are located near the entrance of Ofra, close to the shops and schools.