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The guesthouse is equipped with a fully functional kitchen, porch overlooking the most beautiful view in the world,
a grove of fruit trees and sitting areas hidden in the cliffside.
If you’re looking for somewhere to run away...

We also have a private mikveh chiseled out of the cliffside.
In addition to the accommodations, you can also treat yourself to breakfast and dinner in any style you request.
Maale Levona and the surrounding area is filled with historic and biblical points of interest, and you can enrich your vacation with guided tours of the area.
You may book a visit or guided tour from the guesthouse’s porch, as well as meals for individuals or groups upon request.
We would be happy to host you.

How do I get there?
From Tel Aviv: At Rehelim Junction, turn south (right) toward Jerusalem and continue for about 5 km. The signs will direct you toward a winding road (headed toward Maale Levona) and to the town.
From Jerusalem: On Highway 60, after you pass Ofra, 3 km before you reach Shiloh, the signs will direct you westward (left). Continue for about 5 km and you’ll reach Maale Levona.
There are also buses that go directly to the town; details available from the Egged information desk.