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The Cabin in Dolev was built by Ami and Hagit Yogev, out of their love for creativity
and the desire to host and show others this gorgeous region.
The cabin is well-equipped and pampering, and suitable for a couple or a family.
We tried to think of everything so that your stay at the cabin is pleasant and you’ll want to come back again!

In the cabin, you’ll find:
A spacious living room, well-equipped kitchenette with 2 sinks, 2 separate sets of dishes,
an electric burner, microwave, large refrigerator, electric urn, hot plate, separate bedroom,
shower, jacuzzi, air conditioner, television and DVD player.

In the community of Dolev, you’ll find:
a synagogue, mikveh, mini-market, playgrounds,
gorgeous swimming pool - all just walking distance from the cabin.