The mountain altitude, mild temperatures and soil conditions create a perfect terroir for growing grapes. Hundreds of dunams of vineyards cover the mountains of the Binyamin region, and the finest grapes are used to produce boutique wines that can be tasted and purchased at the nine boutique wineries. Tours, wine tasting and meals are available in advanced reservation.


Shiloh Winery – A boutique winery that uses grapes from the most select vineyards throughout Binyamin. The winery is located in the Shiloh Industrial Zone.

Contact info for reservations: +972-2-9400736,


Gvaot Winery – Soaring above the cliffs of Shiloh Stream between the mountains at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level is Gvaot Winery. Since 2005, the winery maintains its love for excellent wine and belief in the winning combination of the terroir of the mountain vineyards and professional technology and knowledge. 

Contact info for reservations: +972-9-7921086, 

שיבי יקב גבעות

Psagot Winery – On the slope of the mountain in an impressive stone building overlooking the Edom Mountains, Psagot Winery also serves as Binyamin’s Visitor Center. In addition to wine tasting, visitors can watch various multimedia presentations as well as host private events by advance booking.

Contact info for reservations: +972-2-9979333

visitors center

Tania Winery – This is a family winery founded in 2001 and located in the community of Ofra, named after the daughter of the winemaker, Yoram Cohen.

Contact info for reservations: +972-52-6354034 


Anatot Winery – The shared passion of Aharon Helfgot and Arnon Erez led to the founding of this joint venture.

Contact info for reservations: +972-50-2600324


Talia Winery – A family winery featuring home-style winemaking located in Shiloh. 

Contact info for reservations: +972-54-5994234, +972-54-5994275,