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SABONETO is a small, family soap business located in Kochav Hashachar. We create handmade soaps with love, using only the finest natural ingredients, and we employ people with special needs.

All of SABONETO’s soaps include cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, sesame oil, shea butter, Dead Sea mud and Dead Sea salt.

The soaps are handmade in the cold process soap making method – at a temperature of up to 35o Celsius, in order to retain the natural healthful properties of the ingredients.

The soaps are free of SLS and other poisons; they are all-natural.

Our soaps include a vast array of organic medicinal plants foraged in the Binyamin hills such as rosemary, lemon thyme, hyssop, oregano, lavender, olive leaf and more.

Our soaps are packaged by members of our staff with special needs, providing them with employment, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Visits to the factory can be arrange by by prior reservations: 

Shlomo Keshet

02-540-9030 or 052-796-6666.

[email protected]


Gav HaHar and Shiloh Valley


Maanit's studio - Kida

Come and learn a new craft and create beautiful designs!
Ma'anit studio offers you a professional glass workshop, suitable for everyone: individuals, couples, work colleagues, families and groups.
Each workshop is suitable for up to 15 participants at a time. 
The workshop provides the techniques for achieve a large variety of shapes and colors. Come and create out of glass your own special Jewelry, Judaic, mobiles, decorative house ware and more. 
Ma'anit studio is located at the community of Kida, on a beautiful hilltop overlooking Samaria, Binyamin and the Jordan Valley. 

For reservations and further information dial 052-3767091


Shvutya's Studio ǀ Givat Harel

Ceramic workshops and meet the artist


shevutia ceramics photography shahar cohen

Shiviti ǀ Carpentry Workshops ǀ Yishuv HaDa'at

Contemporary Carpentry Gallery

Artist's workshop, specializing in mashrabiyas

(carved latticework)

Yitzchak 054-3952936


Ayelet Yorav ǀ Ofra

Ceramics workshop



Blacksmith ǀ Ofra

Smithy and blacksmith's workshop

Yossi 052-8305801


The Yemenite Yard ǀ Kochav Ya'akov

Gallery, jewelry making and culinary workshops



East Binyamin and Nachal Prat


Khan Inbalim Music and Permaculture Workshops ǀ Neve Erez

In the Khan Inbalim complex you will find a colorful, desert-style hospitality tent, options for sleeping under the stars in a garden with ecological washrooms and expanses of desert scenery.

The Khan hosts workshops, events and concerts as well as music sessions with all sorts of weird and wonderful instruments.

You can keep track of what's going on at the Khan via its Facebook page .

050-7451432, 050-4324446


Bat Dror Farm ǀ Neve Erez

Ancient handcrafts, glass art workshops and making cosmetic and healing creams from natural materials.

Bat Chen 054-7339358


Alfa LaSolet ǀ Neve Erez

Workshops about wheat and breadmaking and group activities – from harvesting the wheat, through grinding and actually baking pitta bread on an outdoor stove.

Mordechai 052-8647738


Textile Crafts Studio ǀ Neve Erez

Unique items made from skins and other quality materials. Sculpture and print workshops.



Joy in the Kitchen ǀ Michmas

Baking and chocolate-making workshops

Shimrit 058-7203792

joy in the kitchen

Orli Livne Studio ǀ Mitzpe Danny

Ceramics and pottery workshops


Jewelry that Adds Color ǀ Kfar Adumim

Jewelry studio and workshops

Rina 054-4903300


Human Mosaic ǀ Nofei Prat

Mosaics workshop

Tamar 054-7735017


One by One ǀ Kfar Adumim

Ceramic design studio and workshops

Devorah 052-6566256


Touch the Material ǀ Kfar Adumim

Ceramics studio

Sarit 052-4669455


Katy Carner ǀ Kfar Adumim

Workshop and meet the artist who creates decorative wood pieces.



Touch the Wood ǀ Mitzpe Yericho

Creating simple and complex utensils – for children, youth and adults

Yifat 052-6195684


Studio Orga ǀ Mitzpe Yericho

Gallery for stained glass art and workshops

Gila 052-2585597


Avraham Naham – Bible Message Museum ǀ Anatot

Art Exhibition – paintings of characters and events inspired by Bible stories.



West Binyamin


Artesana Glass Workshop ǀ Mevo Horon

Please Break Things! Making practical decorative utensils from glass.

Yael 052-3881654


Ora Keilim Yafim ǀ Talmon

Ceramics studio and workshops



Chagigot – Ceramics Studio ǀ Talmon

Ceramics studio and workshops

Chagit 054-6313676

Chagigot – Ceramics Studio

KadimDim ǀ Dolev

Ceramics and pottery workshops

Anat 052-3657106


Shachar Cohen – Photographer

Photography school, nature photography workshops


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