Bikta BaKerem Pool ǀ Aish Kodesh

A pool hewn out of rock. The pool is warm and closed off, without chlorine and uses only natural cleaning materials.

Inbal 052-3114913.


Touching the Water ǀ Mevo Horon

Spa and Therapeutic Pool



Tzimmer Nof Ofra ǀ Ofra

Spacious accommodation with a balcony overlooking beautiful scenery and swimming pool in the yard. Ideal for couples and families (up to 5 people).

Yoav 052-8744976


Song of the Desert ǀ Mitzpe Yericho

Two well-accessorized guest houses with a heated, concealed swimming pool. Suitable for religious couples and families. The pool is active all year round.

Meals available at extra cost.

Geulit 052-3003598