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Start Your Journey Home


Get answers to your aliyah questions & discover communities

in Israel with affordable housing opportunities.



You're invited to a Free Israel Aliya webinar event on June 12th at 4pm EST, hosted by
 a panel of olim from different communities in Jerusalem's northern suburbs. Together, they'll introduce you to communities with cost-effective housing, share their experiences, and answer your questions.



There are many decisions on the road to making aliyah. The more comprehensive info, and support you can get, the better equipped you'll be for a smoother move and transition to life in Israel. During  the Aliya webinar event, we will explore different suburbs, delving into their housing, work opportunities, education, and affordability. The goal is to give you all the info you need to help you decide which community suits you best. 

The June 12th aliyah webinar is an excellent chance to get FREE professional advice and LIVE insight from those who have already made aliyah successfully!

Will you be there? Sign up BELOW to reserve your spot.   


This event is supported by the Binyamin Regional Council. The Binyamin region is situated north of Jerusalem, and is made up of 46 communities, ranging from secular, to mixed, to ultra-orthodox. The warm, family atmosphere of these communities gives you a softer landing, and allows you to adjust more easily to life in Israel. The wider variety of homes at different price points makes it a great place to invest in a home, and in an area where you can enjoy the suburban lifestyle! Each community is equipped with an absorption coordinator, a youth coordinator, and other members of the community who are there to support you as you begin the process of building a life in Israel.

Guiding you on your path to aliyah

The Aliyah Team at the Binyamin Regional Council are here to provide support as you navigate the aliyah process,

and practical advice on your path to finding your community and building a life in Israel. 

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